CopenhagenJSOn December 18, 2013 QArea team visited the CopenhagenJS meetup in Denmark.

Front-end developers and JavaScript specialists from QArea traveled to Copenhagen and attended CopenhagenJS for knowledge and inspiration on 18 December.

CopenhagenJS is a Copenhagen and Öresund JavaScript user group which welcomes all fellow enthusiasts to share their knowledge, ideas and war stories each month. This time the event represented a wide background range of participants. Both occasional JS users and front end experts were present. Hosted by Saxo Bank, the meetup gathered over 40 participants, among whom 5 presented the reports and several more volunteers did lightning talks which inspired heated discussions. The topics of discussions included JavaScript fundamentals, JS data structures, CSS3 features, HTML5 APIs, JS libraries, WebGL programming, robots etc. The atmosphere was friendly and encouraging. The developers enjoyed free drinks and treats.

QArea front end developers have been successfully developing Java projects since 2001, but nonetheless they are always willing to learn more about JS and the like. The conference presented our JS specialists a perfect chance to draw fresh ideas, review the known JS practices and learn new ones. They gladly joined the discussions in the meetup and presented their opinions on the evolving JS trends. Among the presented reports QArea team especially liked Tobias H. Michaelsen’s “Promises” about JS future visions and prospects.

QArea JavaScript developers had a great time at CopenhagenJS and got a lot of pleasant impressions from sharing thoughts with European colleagues.